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Presenting Analyst

Presenting Analyst

Presenting Analyst



BS, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University

Author of Corporate Physics

Featured in Leadership Excellence Magazine for his contributions to Fortune 500 companies

Presenting Analyst

John is a Senior Executive and Presenting Analyst at The Highland Group with more than 30 years of leadership experience in management consulting. He specializes in assisting C-level executives to formulate clear visions and strategies for revenue generation and cost reduction. John has led hundreds of global consulting engagements that delivered an array of operational improvement solutions with total client benefits exceeding $1 billion dollars.

Selected accomplishments include:

  • For a major U.S. bank, owned by the largest U.S. property and casualty insurance company: John designed and led a large-scale program that more than doubled the growth of auto loans within one year. He accomplished this feat through an integrated approach that raised the awareness and skills of the client’s 16,000+ independent agents, thereby dramatically reducing the average loan processing time from hours to minutes, and by implementing a System for Managing that provided the necessary leadership focus to drive growth.
  • For a global industrial corporation: John designed a program that reduced costs in one of its foreign plants by almost $10 million annually through significant productivity and equipment utilization improvements while increasing throughput by 18%.
  • For one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States: John designed a program to help the firm comply with the then-new Affordable Care Act regarding the processes around setting rates, including those related to billing and reconciliation for non-Medicare and non-Medicaid individual and group policies.
  • For a German-based global pharmaceuticals manufacturer and distributor: John designed and led a large-scale program that dramatically reduced the number of warehouses in the firm’s European and NAFTA logistics networks. These redesigned networks resulted in reduced distribution costs of over $25 million annually.
  • For a property and casualty insurance company: John designed and delivered a program that significantly increased the company’s subrogation recoveries. This program drove a stronger partnership between the corporate subrogation department and the geographic regions, which resulted in several billion dollars of additional recoveries over five years. The Systems for Managing he established enabled the company to sustain these higher levels of subrogation recoveries for years thereafter.
  • For a division of a major cable company: John designed an integrated program across the company’s five customer care centers to increase growth through improved cross-selling and reduce costs through improved online problem diagnosis and solution, requiring less service “truck rolls.” Annual benefits exceeded $20 million.
  • For a leading U.S.-based business jet manufacturer: John designed a program that reduced the cost per “tail” by over $1 million (each) through the integration of enhanced manufacturing processes, effective systems for managing those processes, and the upgrading of worker skills and behaviors.