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Payroll Services



Payroll Services


A third-party provider of payroll services sought assistance to establish a formal strategy, organizational structure and procedural discipline between and among business units.


  • Begin to shift corporate culture toward “One company, one brand solution selling.”
  • Establish a Shared Services group.
  • Reduce support function costs by at least $16 million annually.


  • Reduced support function costs by over $16 million annually.
  • Created a new Shared Services organization and trained managers and supervisors on their roles.
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Case Study

Restructure, Redesign & Optimize Organization


A third-party provider of payroll and human resource management and administration services that had grown significantly through acquisitions sought assistance to establish a formal strategy, organizational structure and procedural discipline between and among business units/operating departments.

Highland Approach

The Highland Group worked with corporate leadership to define Driver Goals for the organization including a new structure and System For Managing. An analysis of the nine separate operations uncovered several disparate and often redundant procedures and projects that would have to be redesigned, optimized and implemented consistently across the organization.

Actions Taken

  • Developed and implemented a goal translation and alignment process across the entire organization.
  • Created an organizational structure for the Shared Services business unit, which included: Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and IT.
  • Established processes for effective management of the new Shared Services unit including definition of responsibilities and accountabilities for all participants.
  • Developed an IT project selection process based on proposed contribution to previously defined business goals.
  • Created a Best Practices Team to control project management training sessions for all IT projects.
  • Introduced a facilities rationalization process.
  • Established an IT Initiative Steering Committee to monitor and review all proposed projects on a monthly basis.

reduced support function costs by over


identified an additional $10 million in benefits through the elimination and/or combination of existing projects

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