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Delivering results 100% of the time is more than a promise. We’ve built our entire business around implementing programs that change companies for the better. Our clients become more profitable, more efficient and able to achieve their strategic goals with the help of our senior consultants. Each typically has 15 years or more of industry and consulting experience. Read through Highland’s experience in your industry, then let us help you achieve more.

  • Aerospace

    Finding new ways to achieve engineering, manufacturing and purchasing efficiencies to make contracts more profitable, without sacrificing service or precision.

  • Automotive

    Improving revenue, streamlining processes and reducing cost for original equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Chemicals

    Partnering with commodity and specialty chemical companies to extract maximum value from assets in operation and improve throughput, productivity and service.

  • Consumer Products

    Helping organizations achieve and sustain operational agility in this difficult and dynamic industry.

  • Financial Services

    Partnering with regulated financial institutions, insurance companies, investment banks and third-party providers to rapidly achieve and sustain operational excellence amidst uncertain and increasingly competitive conditions.

  • Food & Beverage

    Helping raw material, processing, production and distribution companies to achieve continuous improvements in operations planning, efficiency, cost control and network optimization.

  • Life Sciences

    Helping pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies to increase manufacturing agility and flexibility, minimize risk, enhance performance on a sustained basis and continue the globalization of clinical development, supply chain operations and commercial activities.

  • Manufacturing & Engineering

    Helping manufacturers realize sustainable operational improvements and behavioral change, as well as minimize costs, maximize efficiencies, optimize working capital and cultivate innovation.

  • Mining & Metals

    Helping organizations across the mining and metals value chain to achieve and sustain improvements in operational and maintenance effectiveness, working capital utilization, capital productivity and safety.

  • Oil & Gas

    Partnering with international oil companies, national oil companies, majors, independents and associated private equity houses to achieve and sustain operational excellence amidst rapidly changing market conditions.

  • Private Equity

    Providing guidance across the investment lifecycle – from evaluation to preservation to creation and realization.

  • Transportation & Logistics

    Helping rail, trucking, shipping, airline, port, freight and logistics companies to operate more effectively, achieve cost reductions and increase revenue by improving operational effectiveness, supporting M&A integration, increasing sales effectiveness and optimizing the supply chain.

Increased EBITDA


Improved customer service performance resulting in wins of 15 out of 16 proposals

Highland knows how to standardize processes and bring long-lasting tools that remain long after they are gone. The efficiencies that we achieved, continue.

Vice President, Operations

Healthcare Services Company

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