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Transportation & Logistics

Driving Operational Execution and Behavioral Change throughout the Supply Chain

The Transportation & Logistics sector functions as the bridge between all producers and consumers, making it vulnerable not only to macroeconomic conditions, but also to vertical industry fluctuations. This position, combined with the dynamic nature of the industry, demands that Transportation & Logistics companies exhibit tremendous operational agility to successfully navigate global market volatility, cost fluctuations, labor shortages and increasing regulation.


Many challenges impact the performance and profitability of Transportation & Logistics companies:

  • Pricing pressures caused by excess provider capacity
  • Shortages of qualified labor and labor productivity barriers
  • Growing demand for deeper integration into the supply chain
  • Increasing complexity of logistics
  • Fuel and other direct cost volatility
  • Global trade fluctuations

These conditions demand increasing executive focus on equipment availability and maintenance, efficient labor utilization, operating cost containment, fuel cost management, terminal fluidity, intermodal efficiency, management of third-party operations and sales effectiveness. In a market where viability depends on successful optimization of these elements both singularly and integrally, Transportation & Logistics leaders need a sophisticated, comprehensive approach to process and performance enhancement. As they seek continuous operational improvements across the value chain, we’re here to support dynamic competitive advantage creation and sustainability.


The Highland Group has a high-performance, 20-year record of driving operational execution and behavioral change around the world. Transportation & Logistics executives partner with us because we:

  • Understand how to neutralize geography, technology, process and organizational barriers and drive real benefits for our clients
  • Offer complete focus and clarity in targeting our clients’ business Driver Goals
  • Employ a robust, hands-on approach that leverages only senior consultants who have front-line, domain experience and credibility within the Transportation & Logistics sector
  • Deliver significant, measurable results via our proven, proprietary project methodology
  • Ensure sustainable change by delivering operational insight to client senior management while engaging employees and contractors at the front-line operations level

Our company’s Senior Model helps us rapidly achieve results: all of our consultants bring a minimum of 15 years of successful industry and consulting experience. Furthermore, our cross-sector collaborations empower us to bring the most innovative ideas from related industries to serve our Transportation & Logistics clients.


The Highland Group’s Transportation & Logistics specialists have helped our clients achieve cost reductions and increase revenue by improving operational effectiveness, supporting M&A integration, increasing sales effectiveness and optimizing the supply chain. Recent engagements in this sector have generated more than US$100M in benefits for our clients through improved capital utilization and operating cost reductions.

Among these recent successes, our Transportation & Logistics clients have realized the following results:

  • For an international transportation and logistics company: Implemented maintenance and procurement processes that increased capital equipment availability and reduced procurement costs; delivered more than US$50M in benefits in less than 30 weeks
  • For a major intermodal service provider: Restructured operations to improve asset utilization; delivered more than US$20M in direct benefits
  • For a truckload freight transportation company: Reengineered sales and operations processes and implemented tools to streamline management of deliveries to strategic customers; improved service quality and reduced costs by more than US$4M

With unmatched depth of understanding in this complex sector, The Highland Group helps Transportation & Logistics companies achieve reliable revenue strategies and transformational improvements. Our unique combination of sector experience and implementation focus makes us ideally suited to help our Transportation & Logistics clients thrive amidst intensifying challenges and increasingly competitive markets.

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Project Leader

Oil & Gas

North America

Tom is a senior project leader with over 25 years of international management consulting experience in the oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, media and aerospace industries. He has served Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in 15 countries across North America, EMEA and Asia.

Project Leader

Manufacturing & Industrial

Joseph is a senior executive with more than 40 years of international industry management and consulting experience, primarily in the areas of process improvement, working capital optimization and operational metrics. Having served in more than 21 countries around Latin America, the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim, and North America, Joseph is skilled at implementing successful and sustainable change programs in culturally diverse environments.

Presenting Analyst

John is a Senior Executive and Presenting Analyst at The Highland Group with more than 30 years of leadership experience in management consulting. He has led hundreds of global consulting engagements that delivered an array of operational improvement solutions with total client benefits exceeding $1 billion dollars.

Head of Organizational Development

Don is an internationally recognized organizational change and development expert with 33 years of global experience in partnering with results-oriented clients to achieve sustainable behavioral change and targeted bottom-line results in productivity, quality and profitability. He is recognized for fostering high levels of enterprise-wide sustainable performance improvement ownership. Don’s key strengths include his ability to engage stakeholders at all levels, create collaborative environments and work within the culture to achieve leadership, management and employee breakthrough results.