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Global Bearing Supplier



Global Bearing Supplier


Leading global supplier of rolling bearings needed help to improve the performance of an East European factory and align it with the corporate methodology.


  • Deliver €2.1 million of annualized benefits.


  • Delivered €0.5 million of annualized benefits ahead of target.
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Case Study

Improve Production Performance & Standardize Processes


One of the leading global suppliers of rolling bearings needed to improve the performance of an East European factory (which had been acquired eight years ago) and align it with the corporate methodology.

Highland Approach

A detailed analysis identified several opportunities to improve production performance and redesign organizational structures, behaviors and processes around the corporate methodology and sustainable improvements. The resulting action plan involved four primary work streams:

  • Reduce time lost to machine breakdowns.
  • Coach production management teams to develop effective planning and operations execution.
  • Establish a balanced scorecard as a foundation for timely and focused decision making.
  • Align organization to the company’s global standard processes and systems.

Actions Taken

  • Worked with production managers to create and implement a single production management reporting system.
  • Developed an optimized “To Be” Maintenance Strategy covering a spare parts strategy, gaining control of the Maintenance service provider and improving organization of Maintenance activities, processes and systems.
  • Introduced “day by the hour” reporting and a visual management approach enabling shift leaders to monitor, maintain and improve shop floor performance.
  • Developed a plan for the future organization of the factory, aligned roles and responsibilities and removed barriers to enable implementation of global standard processes and systems.

Delivered annualized benefits of


ahead of target

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Presenting Analyst

John is a Senior Executive and Presenting Analyst at The Highland Group with more than 30 years of leadership experience in management consulting. He has led hundreds of global consulting engagements that delivered an array of operational improvement solutions with total client benefits exceeding $1 billion dollars.

Head of Organizational Development

Don is an internationally recognized organizational change and development expert with 33 years of global experience in partnering with results-oriented clients to achieve sustainable behavioral change and targeted bottom-line results in productivity, quality and profitability. He is recognized for fostering high levels of enterprise-wide sustainable performance improvement ownership. Don’s key strengths include his ability to engage stakeholders at all levels, create collaborative environments and work within the culture to achieve leadership, management and employee breakthrough results.